does hemorrhoids go away on their own ?

Hemorrhoids or piles generally refer to a swollen blood vessel or a group of blood vessels in the anus or lower regions of the rectum. Hemorrhoids may either occur internally or externally, and in the former’s case, they are usually found far within the anus and painless as few pain receptors are located in there. Internal hemorrhoids can prolapse and descend to the exterior of the anus causing considerable pain with rapture. External hemorrhoids have been known to form from internal hemorrhoids especially after the rapturing process has occurred and the resultant pain ensues.

There has been considerable debate on whether hemorrhoids go away on their own or not. The answer can be said to be derived from a definition of ‘own their own’. Does the phrase mean naturally,without external application of medication or the application of natural solutions or practices or simply disappearing without any influence? The third option should be ruled out. We would never be liberated from the tyranny of hemorrhoids if they came and went at their will. Then, the remaining phrases become the issues of contention.

The truth is, hemorrhoids would not disappear unless certain forces both natural and artificial are applied on them. However, depending on the size, location and frequency of the hemorrhoid, one is expected to see it disappear more quickly sometimes without any recognizable effort from the patient. Our main concern would be to identify how long hemorrhoids last, and to look at what natural and unnatural remedies are available to which severity of hemorrhoids.

As earlier stated, hemorrhoids are caused by inflamed blood vessels in the anus or lower rectum. The actual cause for this inflammation is not medically known; however, apart from possible hereditary causes, certain natural activities can exert enough force on blood vessels to cause inflammation. These include pregnancy, sitting or standing for excessively long hours, difficulty to move bowels, sneezing, vomiting etcetera. We are all at risk from hemorrhoids, aren’t we?

Fortunately, positive practices such as effective exercise to enable healthy blood circulation, free and regular bowels achieved through proper dieting, avoiding extended sitting periods or using a rubber or air doughnut and regularly drinking enough water, can help prevent hemorrhoids or make them go quickly. In a case where the hemorrhoid is external, sitting in a tub with warm water, 20 minutes for a period not less than 20 minutes would be effective. Simply ensure the anus is effectively cleaned and dried afterwards.

In more severe cases, where the recommended solutions to hemorrhoids do not prove effective, such recurring hemorrhoids, medical solutions maybe a prescribed.

These include:

A simple surgery may be employed to remove blood clots from external hemorrhoids. Don’t be scared though, procedures are usually simple and recovery is within a matter of weeks. Other medical invasive strategies for dealing with hemorrhoids include the application of laser or infrared beams to dissolve internal hemorrhoids.

Ointments and creams containing hydrocortisone are also efficient medical solutions to hemorrhoids. Finally, doctors may cut blood supply to internal hemorrhoids by applying tiny rubber band to block the base of these blood vessels.

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