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Can You Get Hemorrhoids From A Dirty Toilet Seat?

No, you cannot get internal or external hemorrhoids from a dirty toilet seat. The force of a hard bowel movement passing through the anal canal and damaging the tissue causes hemorrhoids. Some physicians theorize that deterioration of the supporting tissue causes the hemorrhoidal tissue to slide into

How to cure hemorrhoids

If you are experiencing discomfort from hemorrhoids, you may benefit from hemorrhoids treatment methods. Some simple procedures or home treatment can save you days of discomfort and pain. You don’t have to put up with pain from hemorrhoids. There are many treatment options but you should be vigilant.

Epsom Salt for Hemorroid Releif

Epsom salt can be used as temporary and natural way to relieve pain and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. Simply soaking in a bath of one cup of Epsom salt per six inches of warm water can ease your hemorrhoid symptoms. This is any easy, cost-effective way to

Pushing Hemorrhoids Back In

Hemorrhoids also known as piles is a medical condition in which the veins inside, around and the bottom of the anus and lower rectum area get swollen and inflamed due to elevated blood pressure. Causes of Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids is known to be caused by a number of

does hemorrhoids go away on their own ?

Hemorrhoids or piles generally refer to a swollen blood vessel or a group of blood vessels in the anus or lower regions of the rectum. Hemorrhoids may either occur internally or externally, and in the former’s case, they are usually found far within the anus and painless

How to treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are extremely painful veins that usually occur in the anal regions, and are often accompanied by irritation and bleeding. Anyone can be affected by hemorrhoids, but adults are usually the most affected. The commonly diagnosed causes of hemorrhoids, which are a very common ailment, are prolonged